Building digital business competences for students

The purpose of ITP is to provide students with a strong applied understanding of information technologies, design, and the digital world. The program provides concepts and approaches that enable students with diverse backgrounds to operate effectively in the global business environment now and in the future. Students gain valuable real life project experience in business project course.

Novel business solutions for our partners

The objective of the Business Project is to apply the theory learned during the conceptual courses in practice. The projects completed during the summer will be based on real-life needs of collaborating companies. The three project weeks during the program are dedicated to the project work and events related to it. The participants will also be working on the project during the courses, especially on the lecture-free project days. The course will consist of workshops, group work, lectures, and other events.

Inspired faculty teaching for real-life challenges

Individual modules of the program are taught by visiting faculty. Visitors from other universities and from the business community are invited to teach for a short period in the field of their particular expertise. All courses are run in the form of intensive modules. A normal one semester university course is compressed to three weeks of full time study.