VR Group


The team's challenge was to research what VR’s future could look like from the perspective of mobility platforms and ecosystems, and how VR should position themselves in the future.


The team identified that the digital mobility ecosystem market in Finland is saturated but fragmented, and that as VR has a well-established brand in Finland, it would be in a favourable position to provide a digital mobility ecosystem.


The team established three scenarios for VR’s future, proposing that VR should position themselves as a central player in the mobility ecosystem market and provide an integrated mobility ecosystem. The team created an implementation strategy, multiple service models, as well as an extensive app concept.

The future of mobility in Finland

The changing market and legislative landscape of mobility providers in Finland has proven to be full of possibilities for new and existing providers. To better understand trends affecting the field, an Aalto ITP Team conducted extensive desk research, user interviews and expert interviews. The team also utilised benchmarking to identify the current maturity of integrated mobility ecosystems around the world.

The team found that even though the mobility ecosystem market in Finland is saturated, it is also quite fragmented. The team identified a need to unify these services under one provider and argued that VR is in a favourable position to do so.

Based on their findings, the team created future scenarios, focusing on one particular scenario, in which VR would become a provider of an integrated mobility ecosystem. The team created multiple service strategies, an implementation framework as well as an app design for the mobility platform.