The Finnish Tax Administration


The team's challenge was to research what an FTA chatbot's personality should be like, what questions should it be able to answer and how it should work together with human chat advisors.


The team found that FTA's chatbot's personality should be formal, friendly, empathetic and encouraging. The chatbot replies should be kept as clear and concise as possible and to not make itself obsolete, the chatbot should not offer making a connection to a human customer advisor in the very beginning of the conversation. 


The student team created a FTA customer service chatbot concept and proposed the next steps in the implementation of the chatbot technology on the FTA webpage. 


The future of seamless customer experience

The digital era will bring advancements in operations, but it also creates new challenges in providing taxpayers with seamless customer experience. Hence, the FTA is looking to develop a chatbot solution. To understand the challenge, the student team interviewed FTA employees and chatbot experts, conducted a user study and also did benchmarking from several cases to discover different uses of the chatbot technology and how customer issues are solved on various levels.

The team discovered that the chatbot's personality should not differ dramatically from the typical FTA customer advisor. It should exhibit a level of empathy and provide digestible and comprehensible answers. The team also concluded that with the amount of knowledge the chatbot could internalize, it is more efficient to train it in more common topics that large masses of taxpayers are exposed to. 

Based on their findings, the team created viable chatbot concept and implementation recommendations for actions that the team suggests should take place both prior to launching the technology, during implementation stages and throughout the active use of the technology.