The Challenge

The team tackled the challenge of understanding user experience and finding the most important functions for the concept of an intelligent traffic system for High Capacity Transport (HCT).

The Findings

During the summer the team conducted user interviews where they found insights for the concept. One of the main findings was that route planning and scheduling breaks could be more effective with prior knowledge of traffic, weather and route disturbances.

The Solution

The ITP team created a prototype with basic functions so that Trafi has a good base to continue the development towards an intelligent traffic system.


Smart guidance for HTC

The plan to introduce high capacity transportation to Finnish roads has important considerations to be taken into account to ensure safety, rule compliance and road preservation. The team looked into developing a concept for a system to tackle these considerations and to help drivers in decision making on the road. There are already existing programs, but Finland has unique local needs that need to be taken into account. During the summer the team interviewed relevant stakeholders to get a deeper understanding about users’ needs and they clarified possible pain points within the current situation.

The solution defines the key features of the application and designs an interface for the truck drivers. For the project it was essential that the student team gained information of what the end users, truck drivers, truly need to see or what kind of functions would help their work. The solution also includes future steps for how Trafi can continue with this concept in the future.