City of Helsinki

The Challenge

Team Jobs' challenge was to help City of Helsinki develop its Decidim-based participatory budgeting service and create an all-round concept for the city's services.

The Findings

Based on the findings team Jobs designed four citizen profiles. In addition to that the team created five design drivers: approachable, easy, interesting, social and impactful which formed the backbone of the solution.

The Solution

Team Jobs’ solution was a three step strategy plan: How to initiate participatory budgeting, how to integrate different services, and a concept for a single participatory platform.


User-Centered Concept Design for -service

Helsinki aims to become a resident-oriented city by engaging and empowering its citizens. Participatory services are in the core of this mission and consequently Helsinki seeks to improve its current participatory services and initiate participatory budgeting in the near future. City of Helsinki commissioned this project to gather information about needs of the citizens in order to develop their participatory services and especially the upcoming participatory budgeting platform further. Team Jobs, a group of four students from different schools of Aalto University, were selected to conduct this project as a part of Aalto University’s Information Technology Program (ITP).

Based on the user needs, four citizen profiles were designed. In addition to that five design drivers, approachable, easy, interesting, social and impactful, were created.

The team’s recommendation included a three-step plan for the participatory services. First step of the plan focuses on recommendations to enable a successful initiation of the participatory budgeting on platform. Second step focuses on possibilities to integrate current services to the platform. Third step is a future concept with a working name OurHelsinki. This concept provides a vision on how participatory services of Helsinki should look like in the future. In addition to the three-step plan, the recommendations include guidelines for communication and thoughts that point out some ideas for future research.