The Challenge

The challenge given by property asset management company Newsec to the project team was to develop ideas on how to market Newsec’s services to a customer, who essentially is a “consumer” without any or with very little understanding and knowledge of property industry, market or players.

The Findings

Main findings of the project include putting more focus into SEO and SEM, giving more emphasis to the customer-centric approach and communicating their value proposition more clearly.

The Solution

The team created a digital marketing framework to address their main findings. The framework aims to help Newsec to reach new customers and bringing more value to them.


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The project team conducted extensive research during which they identified the needs of the company, got to know the customer, made an evaluation of the digital means and tools and finally made an implementation plan. To get there, team also familiarized themselves with the industry, interviewed existing customers and also people, who didn’t go with Newsec’s services. Team also got familiar with Newsec’s site traffic and company’s web analytics data.

After pinpointing the pain points, team started to craft a strategy, which would answer the challenges Newsec is currently facing. It included both concrete suggestions for immediate implementation as well as ideas which could be looked into in the future. Team also presented a 12-month long roadmap on how Newsec should proceed after team has finalized their project.