The Challenge

The ITP team’s challenge was to gain deep user understanding of one of Kela’s customer groups and present ideas and concepts for how to develop their section of Kela’s website.

The Findings

After conducting research the student team identified five main development areas for the website: amount of information, information architecture, coherence, communication and navigation.

The Solution

The student team created detailed user profiles of partner groups as well as visualized mockups for the renewed website.


Catering to the needs of Kela’s partners

To provide better services to its customers Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, has been developing the user experience of its website. Parts of the website have already gone through a service design process but the partners’ section has been waiting for its turn. As a part of the Strategy & Experience Design track, an ITP team was asked to study how the user experience of the partners’ section (Yhteistyökumppanit) of Kela’s website could be developed. The users to be studied were Kela’s partner groups that include pharmacies, rehabilitation services and social services among others.

The team utilized several design methods such as heuristics and information architecture evaluation to identify the pain points of the current website. To gain a deep understanding of users, their needs and behavior, the ITP team also conducted interviews and co-design workshops with the partners.

Based on the research insights the team created profiles of the partners as well as a concept for the new website. With the help of the findings Kela has a clearer picture of its partners and concrete development ideas for how to cater to them better with their website.