The Challenge

Strengthen the position of S-Pankki especially within the millennial segment by improving its digital solutions.

The Findings

Users have several pain points with the current mobile solutions; security is viewed burdensome, personal management features are limited and basic functionalities require improvements and new additions. Globally, the trend is to simplify the financial solutions and make them more customer centric.

The Solution

The team created a service concept that focused on a chat-based banking solution: users would operate their banking through text or speech. A bot would interpret the user commands and act them out. Overall the created solution would result in more understandable finances, easier access to desired information, personalised services and more engaging interaction.


Chatbot Banking

The goal of the project was to design a new mobile service for S-Pankki that caters to the millennial segment. Using questionnaires, interviews and workshop methods, the team conducted user research in the segment to understand the user frictions with the existing solutions and their needs regarding future applications. To complement this local understanding, market research was conducted, and the key trends in the financial industry were identified and analysed.

The team created a service concept that focused on a chat-based banking solution that would be integrated to S-Pankki's existing service platform. Easier access to information, personalized services and more engaging interaction would ultimately lead to the situation where users would be more inclined to interact with their finances, gain better control over them and make better financial decisions.