The Challenge

Study digital trends in construction and create a digital vision.

The Findings

Digital trends are transforming construction industry. There are many examples of how the industry is reacting to the digital transformation, such as KIRA-digi, a national digitalisation program for construction industry.

The Solution

The team created a future roadmap for Lujatalo, to help them prepare for the digital transformation. The solution included internal and external actions, that would allow more agile responses to digital changes in the future.


Creating Digital Vision

The project goal was to study digital trends, technologies and the digitalization environment for Lujatalo to have a vision for the future years. Using workshops, interviews, benchmarkings and literature, the team conducted thorough research to understand the environment, where Lujatalo will be in the future with digitalization. 

The team created a concept that focused on the preparations Lujatalo should make in the next years to prepare for digitalization changes in the industry they want to employ. Technical preparations, ensuring competitiveness and agility would create a situation where Lujatalo could react to industry changes and be a vital, competitive construction company in the digital construction age.