Project work

Challenge based learning is at the core of the Digital Business Master Class approach, so project work is also an important part of your learning experience.

The project work consists of working together in an international and multidisciplinary team of students, both remotely with the help of online collaboration tools, and face to face in Finland in July.

The aim for the project work is to:

  • Produce professional deliverables that answer the client’s needs

  • Use your previous business education, work experience and DBMC education to achieve the best possible outcome

  • Deepen your understanding of IT and business alignment and the strategic use of digital media tools

  • Enhance teamwork and project skills

  • Help you find your strengths as a professional and use them in worklife

While you are starting your project, pay attention to the project scope. Define your goals for the project, and your plans for approaching it. Make sure that what you have in mind is achievable within the time frame of the course and answers the challenge presented in the project brief. Having a deep understanding of a limited scope is preferable to touching a bit of everything on a superficial level.