Phase 1 / Orientation: June 3–7

Master Class Orientation videos

  • Project work and team work

  • Course practicalities

During the week all students are required to watch the Master Class Orientation videos, which give instructions on the project work, team work, and other course practicalities.

Links to the videos:
Course practicalities
Project work
(also available on Microsoft Teams)

Individual background research on project case

  • Project organisation and industry

  • Project topic

  • Trend mapping and best practices at your market area

During the week, team members individually conduct background research in the given project case. After the research, the students should have a basic understanding of the project organisation and industry it operates in. In addition, the students should have gained a basic understanding of the project topic at hand and conducted trend and best practice mapping at students’ respective market areas.

Team Delivery:
Working paper 1.0

  • Length: 2 pages + cover page (paper size A4)

  • Objective: Collaborative background research started

  • Demonstrates: Unified understanding of the project brief and context

  • Goals: Research questions drafted for the Espoo weeks

  • Upload to: Assignment submission box, Microsoft Teams. The deadline is Friday 7.6. at 23:59 Finnish time (GMT+3)

Teams deliver the first version of their project report as a working paper. Your future work will build on this, so make sure to discuss and make decisions as a team.

Individual Delivery:
Personal introduction video

  • Duration: 60 sec

  • Purpose: Brief introduction with one memorable facts/detail about yourself

  • Upload to: Assignment submission box, Microsoft Teams. The deadline is Wednesday 5.6. at 23:59 Finnish time (GMT+3)

In addition, students deliver individually a personal introduction video. With the video we learn a bit about all the participating students in advance. All members of DBMC will be able to see each other’s videos.

All students will receive an invitation to Microsoft Teams which is our virtual classroom for collaboration, sharing information and materials, and submitting assignments.