Phase 2 / Insights: July 1–12

During the weeks student teams aim to gain insights that are applicable to the project topic.

During and after the lectures

  • Applying obtained knowledge from the lectures and company visits to the project work

  • Conducting interviews, testing, workshops and other methods that aim for deeper understanding and towards a solution

  • Acting as an opponent for other teams during the lectures

At the end of the first week, students pitch their initial solutions at the Gallery Walk.

Team Delivery:
Gallery Walk

  • Friday, 5th of July at 12:00-2:00 PM.

  • Objective: Teams create a gallery walk station to pitch the initial solution based on the findings and conducted analysis up to this point. More detailed instructions available on Teams.

  • Audience: DBMC participants and faculty visit teams’ stations to hear the pitches and ask questions

  • Next steps: Iterate based on the gained feedback and comments

At the end of the second week, students pitch their solutions and deliver the written case reports.

Team Delivery:
Concept Paper

  • DL: 12th of July, 12:00 PM (noon)

  • Length: 5 pages + cover page, reference list (paper size A4)

  • Objective: Briefly describing the project context and case, introducing key findings, and drawing conclusions followed by concrete suggestions

  • The Concept Paper is submitted to it’s respective assignment box in Microsoft Teams

Team Delivery:
Final Presentation

  • Presentations held Friday 12th of July at 12:00-3:00 PM

  • Duration: 10 min

  • Objective: Presenting the final solution which has been evolving since the pre-course week up until this point. The case context and topic are clear, and team connects the created solution and it’s benefits to the original problem.

  • The final presentations are followed by a jury consisting of faculty, visitors and project organisation representatives