Course overview

Interactive and fast-paced summer course focusing on digital technologies as tools for building businesses. We learn how companies transform their processes and systems by implementing digital technologies.

During the intense 2 weeks we build a case project, planning a digital solution for a realistic business scenario. Concepts covered include mobile and social technologies, service design, data analytics, megatrends in digital business and project management frameworks.

Learning objectives

Learn and be able to discuss key topics in digital business

  • Understand the constantly evolving digital business area

  • Plan projects and understand the project management lifecycle

  • Work in international multidisciplinary virtual teams

  • Become familiar with typical digital business scenarios

  • Gain both theoretical and practical knowledge of digital business transforming industries

  • Understand social, economical and environmental sustainability issues related to digital business landscape and decision making


The total course workload of 160 h (6 ECTS) is divided as follows:

  • 10 h Pre-work

  • 50 h Contact hours and exercises in class room

  • 30 h Class preparation

  • 60 h Project work

  • 10 h Post-work