The future is made this summer.

We bring students together from diverse backgrounds and all around the world for the summer to solve digital business challenges.

information technology program
academic summer prograM

Aalto university summer school

may 25 – august 28, 2020
otaniemi campus, espoo, Finland

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Future-proof yourself.

Study at the flagship program at Aalto University School of Business and gain 24 ECTS over the summer. In ITP you can specialise in information technologies, digital marketing and platform economies, or in digital service design.


ITP 2019 has been successfully completed! We are open for applications again in January 2020!


Our impact

The core of the program is a three month long business project. Every year we partner with interesting companies and governmental or municipal organisations for whom our students create solutions to digitalisation related business challenges. The students get to showcase what they have learned over the summer. Projects are guided and supported by the ITP faculty.




Over 20 years of business, design, and tech talent at Aalto University.




Complete your minor studies over the summer and graduate faster with a unique skill-set.



Business projects in 2018

Every year we partner with interesting organisations to create solutions for digitalisation related business challenges.


Specialisation tracks

In ITP students study in one of the three specialisation tracks. Each track is worth 24 ECTS and includes three fixed courses (6 ECTS each) and a Business Project course (6 ECTS). The tracks follow a three week module structure, which helps to form different types of course contents while supporting the Business Project course work.



The track provides students with an understanding of basic methods, techniques, and tools for managing digital marketing strategies. This concentration area focuses on digital marketing platforms, content marketing, digitalisation, monetisation business models, hands-on-work using a variety of digital marketing and analytics tools, and strategic decisions related to digital marketing strategies.


The track provides students with a clear understanding of ICT consulting and business models, new digital business opportunities, and the information ecosystem. The courses and business projects students are working on during the summer are focusing on the current ICT trends, big data, IoT, data-driven decision making, mobile business, disrupting technologies, and usability.


The track provides students with an understanding of basic methods for producing and designing digital media products and services, concept and design processes, and strategic decisions related to digital media. The courses and business projects conducted during the summer are focusing on strategic design processes, user experience design, and visual prototyping in digital services.


ITP is an excellent way to get practical skills and special knowledge that you can’t get elsewhere in your studies. You get to solve real-life problems with real companies. The summer is intensive but very rewarding and you get a chance to build connections for years to come.

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